Baptism marks the beginning of our life in Christ, a complete transformation of ourselves as faithful followers of Jesus, the Son of God. This sacrament recognizes our creation as images of God and welcomes infants and adults into the community of the faithful who profess that Jesus is Lord.

Our Baptism Program for Infants

All Catholic families are invited to celebrate the Sacrament of Baptism at St. Joseph Parish. Parents and Godparents must be actively attending regular Mass; at St. Joseph or another Catholic parish. Parents and/or godparents who are not parishioners will also need to submit a Letter of Permission from their parish.

To begin the preparation, parents will need to pick up the Baptism Registration Form, the (Godparent) Sponsor Eligibility Form from the Parish Office.

Next, submit these completed forms, along with your child's Birth Certificate, to the parish office. At that time, an appointment will be scheduled to meet with the priest to discuss dates and you will be scheduled to attend the Baptismal Preparation Class. The preparation process is completed once the parents and Godparents have attended the Baptismal Preparation Class and all paperwork has been submitted.

The donation for Baptisms are:

Private - $150.00

Group - $60.00