General Parish Info

Sunday Mass Schedule/Misa del Domingo


Saturday (Vigil) :        7:30 PM (English) 

Saturday (Vigil) :        8:30 PM (Spanish)

Sunday                :        7:00AM (English)

Sunday                :       8:00AM (Spanish)


Weekday Mass Schedule/Misa entre Semana
Monday:          Closed
Tuesday :         Closed
Wednesday:     Closed
Thursday:        Closed
Friday:             Closed 


 By appointment/o por cita


Monday:     To the Blessed Mother after the 7AM                                                   Communion Service

Friday:        Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament 3:00PM                                       to 7:00PM

2nd day of

the Month:  Our Lady of Medjugorje Rosary

Pastoral Staff

 Parish Main Office Closed Until Further Notice


Pastor:                          Rev. Fr. Jose Alfredo Moreno

Office Manager:          Joanna Gutierrez

Phone Number:        760-356-2147


Office Hours:             Someone Is Checking messages in office 


Religious Education


Director of

Religious Education:   Cristina Pardis

Phone Number:            760-356-2147


Office Hours:              

St. Joseph Catholic Church

560 Maple Ave. Holtville, CA 92250

Phone Number: 760-356-2147